I had a hugely successful stay at Berlin Rehabilitation. My friends came to visit me often and I was able to make new friends here also. I have come a long way and attribute that to many people here: Ty, Crystal, and Tara are outstanding CNAs. May, from housekeeping kept my room sparkling. Ed, Kathy, and Ozcan from therapy are excellent. My nurse Galin, respiratory therapist Barb, and ambassador Erika are great.

Warren “Woody” Wood

I would definitely recommend Berlin Rehabilitation! It’s a nice facility, everyone provided me with great care and would go out of their way – always made me feel really good and the food was great! I’m looking forward to going home, but I feel that by coming here I got the chance to be 100%.

Walter Hertlein

I am so very grateful to everyone at Berlin Rehabilitation. When I got here, I couldn’t stand on my own two feet and had a special diet. Once I arrived at your facility, the therapy team retrained me to walk again, and speech therapy advanced my diet over time. I am so happy with my progress that I just can’t stop smiling. My ambassador, Erika, would check on me every day and made sure my daughter was updated with how well I was doing. My daughter says this place is ‘the bomb!’ In the last 6 months, we have celebrated holidays together and they had many fun events for us to take part in. Sincerely,

Bobby Dixon

I would recommend this place to everyone! My son said it was the best place and it really was. I spent some time at a rehab somewhere else and had a totally different experience. Here in Berlin, the caregivers and the therapists really go the extra mile. They are kind and motivating.

Maria Colon

The therapy team was very good. Two weeks ago, I couldn’t stand or walk. I am now able to walk the length of the hallway. The nursing team was also very good and attentive. The Concierge went out of her way to answer any questions I had and brought me coffee daily. I also enjoyed participating in the Activities program provided for the residents.

William Potter

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