I have come a long way since I got here. I’m feeling more confident each day thanks to what therapy has worked on with me. I have become friendly with many of the patients as I was able to get out of my room for activities and get fresh air while enjoying the beautiful courtyard. The staff here is very understanding, open and accommodating. Thank you all.

Dolly Orth

After one month, between the hospital and rehab, I am ready to go home!  My therapist Kathy, was an angel. She really made me feel like I was strong enough to go home. My Ambassador, Erika checked in on me every day to make sure I was comfortable during my stay and had anything that I needed.  Everyone here made me feel like family, which was so important to me while I was away from home. 

Theresa Callandrello

I received top-notch care here at Berlin Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center! I have come a long way, but I couldn’t have done it without my therapists, Kathy and Ozcan. They really gave me the tools to succeed. Dr. Mohageb is truly one of a kind, always able to answer my questions and help me understand my journey to success. It was a pleasure to connect with him during my stay here.

William Ross

My first days here were really tough. I planned to return home after a few days of antibiotics, but the team here really was able to get behind me and support me during my stay. On the first few days the concierge, Theresa, visited me every morning to see how I was doing. The therapy team got to know me and challenge me. Jessica, the director, was able to identify the right person to work with me which meant a lot. Rob took the time and was able to encourage and motivate me after all the pushback I gave in the beginning. The team is gentle and careful but knows how to challenge me. The pulmonology team here, Barbara and Dr. Bermingham, were so wonderful and patient with me. I liked him so much that I will be keeping him as my physician while I am at home! I’m going to miss everyone here at Berlin Rehab, including my roommate who I have made a forever friend.

Barbara Fanelli

The therapy staff was absolutely wonderful. They were always very encouraging which was very important to me. The quality of the food was excellent and I always had good choices. Now that I’m feeling better, I am looking forward to my discharge home and getting back to my normal routine. 

Vivian Mayovich


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